Virginia Addiction Treatment Programs (Online & In-Person)

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Smart IOP

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24 Online Sessions

Self-Paced Intensive Outpatient Program with weekly therapist check-ins.

Smart  IOP

  • Our maximum flexibility intensive outpatient program

  • Effective treatment on your schedule

  • Self-paced program;’ logon when you can

  • 24 educational, interactive video sessions (3 per week)

  • Weekly Individual Therapy sessions

  • Perfect for patients who lack local treatment options

  • Great ongoing therapy after an inpatient program

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Remote IOP

Virginia Addiction Treatment Programs
Group Therapy 3-days per week

Therapist-guided Scheduled Sessions and one-on-one therapy sessions.

Remote  IOP

  • For patients seeking more structure in their IOP**
  • A perfect mix of routine with some flexibility

  • Scheduled frequency, three days a week.

  • 3-days scheduled group therapy per week

  • 1 individual therapy session each week

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Remote PHP

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Group Therapy 5-days per week

Group therapy meetings, weekly individual therapy and psychiatric assessments.

Remote PHP

  • Online Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)*

  • Scheduled Therapy for patients seeking the most structure

  • 4 scheduled virtual group sessions per week

  • One weekly individual therapy session (virtual)

  • Weekly psychiatric assessments

  • Family therapy available

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