Treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction from your home

There are a variety of treatment options for overcoming addiction to alcohol and drugs such as support groups, outpatient therapy, residential treatment programs and intensive outpatient programs or IOPs.
Each type of program has its pros and cons and results may vary depending on your personal situation. For instance, a residential program that requires you to live at the treatment facility for a month or more may impact your ability to remain in school or at your job. Outpatient therapy alone may not be enough treatment to help you overcome your addiction. Intensive outpatient treatment is preferred by insurance companies and the legal community but finding one near your home may be a challenge.
smart IOP is the first licensed online IOP. Using your computer or mobile device, smart IOP brings this highly effective level of treatment to you. It has been developed by licensed and certified professionals to treat the whole person and produce a successful and lasting recovery.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1
Select someone to be your smart Sponsor

smart Sponsor is someone you select, typically a friend or family member, to support you during your time in the smart IOP program. smart Sponsors are required to:
  • Pass a state-conducted background check
  • Perform periodic sobriety checks on you
  • Attend weekly support group meetings with you
  • Verify that you have watched all of the program videos

Step 2
Set-up smart IOP technology tools

To use smart IOP, you will first need to set-up user accounts with our technology providers.  smart IOP works well on all devices, operating systems and web browsers. You will need a secure connection to the Internet and a camera to access private video teleconferencing sessions with your treatment team. Please note that the only compatibility issues have been found when using older cameras, typically ones manufactured by “off” brands.
After your acceptance into the smart IOP program, a customer service representative will contact you to assist with set-up.

Step 3
Access online treatment

smart IOP provides twice the amount of one-on-one therapy compared with other IOPs. Use our online tools to participate in 11 sessions with your assessment team, therapists and case managers. There are also over 70 videos in our library for you to watch with your smart Sponsor, friends and family. Educating members of your support network will be critical for your continued recovery once you complete the smart IOP program.

Step 4
Attend weekly support group meetings with your smart Sponsor

A critical part of your recovery will be through attendance at weekly support groups with your smart Sponsor. This is the only offline part of the smart IOP program. You will also need to submit to regular sobriety checks with your smart Sponsor.

Step 5
Track your progress through completion

Your progress will be tracked through smart IOP and verified by your smart Sponsor. Most participants complete the program in 6-12 weeks.