If addiction is preventing you from living your best life, Summit Hill can help you start living again.

No matter where you are or when you have time….

Substance Abuse Treatment for the modern Age


Summit Hill Wellness focuses on outpatient programs to treat substance abuse, alcoholism and other behavioral health disorders.  In particular, Summit delivers patients an alternative to in-person treatment by offering its programs virtually through its online web application. 

Don’t have access to great care where you live?

Worried about unnecessary exposure to illness?

Tied up during the day with work or family responsibilities? 

Summit Hill has the solution for you.

Beginning: smartIOP

 We began developing smartIOP in 2013 with a vision to aid people in remote areas or who could not make time to treat their addiction.  Since then, the company has developed multiple treatment programs and now has multiple online programs for substance and alcohol abuse, and we continue to offer specialized programs for gambling addiction, adolescent behavioral health, and a host of other treatment protocols. We pioneered the notion of a Smart Sponsor, a patient-selected coach to help ensure patient success along the way. Learn more about smartIOP

Always Growing


Once it launched smartIOP and found that patients loved it – and they achieved great results – Summit developed two other online programs, Remote IOP and Remote PHP.  These protocols give patients more rigorous treatment options, adding more group therapy sessions, educational material and, in the case of Remote PHP, a weekly psychiatric assessment – all from wherever a patient might be.

Summit Hill History

Summit Hill sprouted from its sister company, Williamsville Wellness in 2019. Williamsville is a residential treatment center focused on helping patients with alcohol and substance abuse and other compulsive behavior disorders.  Robert W. Cabaniss Jr. (“Bob”) founded Williamsville in 2007, and continues to lead the companies today. Bob opened the now twenty-six-bed facility in his family’s historic home outside Richmond, Virginia with a mission to help those struggling with addiction. In 2011, the Fire Lane house opened to expand care for more people, adding 8 additional beds. Since its inception, hundreds of people have sought out treatment at Williamsville Wellness to break the bonds of addiction.

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