What Are Relapse Dreams?

Unfortunately for many, dreams about relapse are extremely common among people in addiction recovery.

These dreams are when someone that is abstaining from using a drug, alcohol, or engaging in something like gambling as a result of their addiction, they may find themselves waking up to feelings of shame, guilt, or regret because they dreamed that they got high, drank, and/or gambled.

The relief one feels when realizing it was just a dream is just as intense as the feelings of panic were just moments before.

However, this does not assuage fears for some that these dreams may be an indication of something lacking in their recovery efforts.

Although relapse dreams are common, there hasn’t been much research on why they happen or how they affect recovery.

There are two comforting findings when it comes to relapse dreams: 1. they become less frequent the longer you are in recovery and 2. they have not been found to lead to relapse.

So, if you have found yourself having one – or many – of these dreams, take solace in the fact that it will not be a frequent occurrence with time, and they in and of themselves are not an indicator that your recovery is in jeopardy.


If relapse has gone from a dream to a reality, Summit Hill Wellness is here to help.

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