Healthy Food in Sobriety

Eating healthy was likely something we didn’t focus on in active addiction, but healthy food in sobriety is integral to feeling your best physically – but also mentally. What we feed our bodies has a direct impact on mood, brain function, and overall mental health and wellbeing.

When it comes to healthy food in sobriety, it can be confusing. For many, it might be the first time being health-conscious and for others, the muscle memory might not be coming back like riding a bike.

Summit Hill can help clear some up of the murkiness and get you on track to a healthy and happy recovery.

Why am I craving anything but healthy food?

If you just recently quit engaging in your addictive behavior – particularly if it was drinking alcohol – you are likely experiencing intense sugar cravings. This is because of the large quantities of sugar found in alcohol. Since your body got used to ingesting those high amounts and created a new baseline, a sudden decrease in those levels results in these cravings.

These cravings will subside in a few weeks, but in the meantime try and assuage the cravings with things like cotton candy grapes or an apple with 1 tbsp. peanut butter instead of reaching for the Twix.

But what if I HATE healthy food?

You may think you hate healthy foods, but it may just be that you’ve only had steamed, tasteless vegetables and broiled chicken breast. Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland and boring. When cooked properly, it can be just as satisfying as its more greasy counterparts – but without indigestion, heartburn, and weight gain!

I want to eat healthy, but it’s so expensive! How do I make it affordable?

It’s as though you can pick two out of three: Healthy, Convenient, or Affordable. If healthy and affordable is what you want, convenience is somewhat out the window.

Given short shelf-lives with produce, planning meals for the week can be integral to decreasing food waste alongside supplementing fresh fruits and vegetables with frozen ones.

Similarly, meal prepping can be one way to cut-down food costs and lend to more convenience during the week at the cost of less meal variety and spending a large portion of your day off cooking.

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of sales and coupons! By taking the time to look for deals, you can make healthy eating in sobriety work within your budget.

I’m not a great cook. How do I start wanting my own food over McDonald’s?

Cooking yourself is one of the easiest ways to eat more healthily and save money. However, it doesn’t seem so easy when even boiling water is a feat. But, even old dogs can learn new tricks!

First, be sure to read up on food safety and kitchen safety (most house fires start in the kitchen!). Then, try and learn some kitchen basics and techniques to get rolling on the right foot.

Youtube is also a great resource for visual tutorials and guidance on just about anything – and healthy cooking is included! Search for something like, “Healthy Recipes for Beginners” and millions of results are at your fingertips.


Remember, it’s all about progress, NOT perfection! Slices of cake still exist and are still delicious – so don’t forbid yourself from ever having one again. Just keep in mind what your addiction has taught you: nothing in excess.


Summit Hill Wellness is here to give you support outside of the kitchen, too. Don’t struggle alone.

If you or someone you know is faced with addiction, get in touch with Summit Hill Wellness today.

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