Addiction Podcasts

Podcasts are great for passing time during long car rides or monotonous tasks at work. They’re also great for people in recovery! There are so many podcasts out there with topics centered on sobriety and addiction, here are some of our favorites for you to check out!

Nod Squad 

  • About: Listen to the stories of those still suffering from addiction as well as the ones that have stumbled a bit along the way, but are back on the road to recovery.

The Addicted Mind Podcast

  • About: I am the host of Addicted Mind podcast, . Addiction has been a part of my life since the age of seventeen. It was at that time that I went to inpatient rehab for depression and alcohol and drug abuse. I want people to find reliable information about addiction treatment and research. I want people to know that it gets better with the right support and knowledge.

The Addiction Podcast | Point of No Return

  • About: Feel good listening to this podcast as you’re offered hope and effective recovery options for individuals, friends, family, parents and associates who have been or may be addicted to opioids, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, fentanyl laced drugs, etc. and want to overcome the addiction. There are interviews with former addicts, stories of having gone through numerous failed rehabs, parents and loved ones that describe the horrors and ultimately methods they have sought and found to save lives and help.

Not So Anonymous Podcast

  • About: The most honest talk on recovery & war stories of addiction.

The ODAAT Chat Podcast

  • About: This podcast is about recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, sobriety and the journey of recovery, community, and healing. The stories are inspiring, funny, and touching. They will provide hope and help others to feel like they are not alone. Today is the day to start living the life of your dreams and be who you were meant to be.

Soul Full of Sober

  • About: Trying to stay sober one day at a time by sharing my experience strength and hope with you. It gets real crazy, real fun, and real emotional! Relax & come listen! @soulfully.sober

Let’s Talk Addiction & Recovery

  • About: The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families, and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Hear what leading addiction and recovery experts are talking about addiction trends, topics, and challenges as well as research, practices, and advances that point to the most promising way forward. Listen in on Moyers’ conversations with his colleagues who work at the forefront of addiction treatment, recovery, and prevention.

Sober Since Sixteen

  • About: Sober Since Sixteen podcast is about long-term recovery after having gotten sober as a teenager. Episodes include recovery from alcoholism/drug addiction, emotional sobriety, dual-diagnosis, and food addictions, and abstinence.

The Bubble Hour

  • About: Each week, host Jean McCarthy holds space for a guest to tell their truth, and together they explore topics relative to recovery. Now in its seventh season, The Bubble Hour has hundreds of archived episodes as a resource for those seeking sobriety-related content.

F*cking Sober Podcast

  • About: An unflinching semi-comedic mostly nonfictional narrative podcast about the first 90 days of getting f*cking sober.


*Summit Hill Wellness is not affiliated with any aforementioned entity, these are solely intended to serve as recommendations for those that could benefit from them.


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