Recovery During a Polar Vortex


With nearly three-quarters of the US currently covered in snow, the polar vortex is certainly wreaking havoc on infrastructure, body temperatures, and mental health. Areas like Texas are experiencing record-breaking lows, which unfortunately has translated into many people losing power, and as a result, their heating sources.

Tragically, people desperate to survive have ended up passing away due to carbon monoxide poisoning from running their cars or generators in the garage or leaving their gas ovens open for heat.

For those in recovery, there are additional areas that must be handled with care during these tough times.

The addicted brain may be trying to coax you into drinking under the guise of survival: “it’ll make you feel warm!”

Yet, alcohol actually decreases your body’s core temperature making it counterintuitive.

The addicted brain may see the time off from societal responsibilities as a time to indulge without messing anything up.

Yet, the indulgence won’t end with the polar vortex.

Being vigilant with your recovery is paramount, especially during times where other life events take away focus from it. However, you may not be able to attend the meetings or therapy appointments you typically attend, even if online. Thus, the way you go about recovery right now might look and feel different, and that’s okay.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not making the same progress as before. Maintenance is a perfectly fine objective when you’re in survival mode.

Similarly, don’t beat yourself up if you have already relapsed. While no one advocates for relapse and it’s not a requirement for recovery, sometimes it is a part of recovery.

Once this vortex passes, if you find yourself in a dark place and need help getting out, Summit Hill Wellness is here for you.


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