Relationship Wellness Month



February is here and that means it’s Relationship Wellness Month!

This topic is an important one to keep in mind, especially during recovery. It’s all too often that among addiction’s impacts, one of the strongest can be on those around you and the relationships you share.

Whether you just picked up your first chip, are on Step 8 or 9, or have 15 years under your belt, fostering or maintaining healthy relationships in your life requires effort.

Your efforts will look different depending on your relationships and their current statuses, but here are some ideas and resources to help get the ball rolling.

Have a weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. “check-in” with the people in your life to make sure everyone’s needs are being met within the relationship. This provides a set time to address any issues in a neutral manner, rather than allowing them to fester into something more explosive during a time when things are tense.

If things tend to get heated between you and someone you love, you can try the speaker-listener technique. This sets clear boundaries for the conversation, such as addressing only one piece at a time instead of a whole month’s worth of issues at once and listening to listen – not to form a response.

One resource that can be helpful when navigating relationships is the Relationship Bill of Rights. This is a set of basic rights that every person is entitled to in their relationship, meaning you can use it both as a way to ensure you’re respecting the rights of those around you but also making sure you’re receiving the same.

Perhaps one of the most simple things you can do is also one of the most important: let them know how important they are to you and do something together that makes you both happy.

Use these as well as your own ideas to start healthy relationship habits that can live on well past February and keep your relationships happy and healthy year-round.


If your relationships require a bit more care and attention to be well, Summit Hill Wellness is here to help.


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